About Us

As a family of 5 who is deeply invested in our schools, churches and athletics, we have experienced our share of fundraisers and school events. After watching our three girls grow and sharing many school experiences with them, we saw a need for something new. As a husband and wife team, we set out to build a buzzing marketplace that focuses on providing products that are essential to everyday life.

Just because you shop, doesn't mean there can't be a purpose.


What We Believe

We know that throughout every community there is a continuous need for an income resource. Finding ways to fundraise shouldn't require a ton of work. That’s why we created a simple yet convenient way to shop that contributes to a community's needs. 

We also believe that schools are one of the most vital foundations in every community and should always be equipped with the tools needed for success. Because of this, we are fully committed to assisting schools in achieving their fundraising goals by offering our extra support and resources. 


Our Mission

Revelrys is a marketplace that contributes to a community's fund-in-need while offering products that are affordable, desirable and essential. As a company, we are committed to offering a more meaningful shopping experience.