Frequently Asked Questions

How does the school know they're getting the sales?
Each school is given a universal unique code that tracks every order and sale to make sure they associate directly and only with your school. A unique link is given to all schools and is asked to be distributed as the primary way of shopping. A back up option is also given, which is the code itself - a 6 to 8 digit code which act similar to a promo code, just in case the shopper can't find their link. A third option is for people who can't find the code or the link, by going to Revelrys.com our pop up before entering provides a list of schools for them to select before shopping.
As administrator, how can I track sales to make sure we are reaching the goal?
All administrators are given access to the admin dashboard. On the dashboard you will be able to see every sale updated in real-time by the second. you'll also have access to the marketing library to download and sitribute promotional materials such as posters, banners, etc.
How long does it take for the school to receive payment?
Payments of profits are calculated in real-time so payments are distributed in less than 7 days from the end of the event.
Can I make my event longer?
We may be able to allow an extra couple days if it's highly significant, however we try to stay in the range of 30 days for all events.
What if there are no more spaces available but I really want to join?
Spaces are limited and go fast. Please contact us at request@revelrys.com
How can I incentivise my school to sell more and raise more?
In addition to posters and banner artwork which we supply so your school can distribute around campus, we encourage additional incentives by schools such as ice cream and/or pizza parties to create excitement with the students as well.
Can people shopping create wishlist?
Yes, the Revelrys stores offers Wishlist functionality which allows all users to create wishlists and send to friends and family via email or social media.
Does the product ship from the US?
All products are designed and shipped from Anaheim, California. Reverlys is a U.S. based company and the products come from all over the world, including America.
Does the school have to collect products and distribute to students/families?
No. Revelrys ships all orders directly to customers.